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Walkers Rarely Available

We tried to rely on Wag as a go-to service for walking our corgi during longer workdays. Despite living in one of the 10 biggest metropolitan areas in the country (DC), lately, Wag has only been able to supply a walker less than 50% of the time we request one. I’ve had to leave work, call friends, and hope our dog could “hold it” all because Wag is so frequently unavailable. If you want a reliable service, get a conventional dog walker. Don’t trust Wag to show up when your family needs it most. Would not recommend.

Great service, terrible app

You would applaud the app if you found out it was written in a 5th grade summer coding camp. Otherwise...#Fail.. We have two dogs. You cannot choose to walk one dog or even choose which dog until after you reserve and are confirmed. It is bait and switch for walkers and a monster hassle for owners. And no, I don’t want to share on social media...ever. Grow up. Fewer tv ads. Fix the app.

Extremely pleased

I am very happy with the quality sitters and fast service you get with the Wags. They are very reasonably priced and give lots of flexibility in instructions for caring for my pet.

We LOVE Wag!

We all LOVE Wag! It’s completely seamless from start to finish and all of the walkers thus far have been spectacular. We love getting the live feed updates and report card with pictures ad video at the end. It’s a perfect service!


I was discouraged by the incident that happened on 9/17. I booked a walker ASAP and was informed a 10 minute confirmation. When I did not get that confirmation I canceled but incurred a 10 dollar cancellation fee despite not getting a confirmation. When I asked for a refund, I was informed that the cancellation fee was waived but instead of getting a refund I got a credit instead. That is not right, with your dog walkers doing cancellations themselves or If we do not get a timely confirmation, there shouldn't be any cancellation fees. I was trying this Wag app and so far I'm not liking it.

Used to be good, but no longer

I used Wag for over two years but they have recently changed their hiring process and this has resulted in many more low-quality, inexperienced walkers. In addition to that, their customer service is awful. In my most recent experience, a walker never came to pick up my dog for a boarding. I didn’t have the opportunity to look at my phone until four hours later to realize the boarding hadn’t started. Wag was unresponsive and didn’t respond to me until 5 hours later (9 hours after the boarding should have started). They didn’t offer an alternative boarder because it was a busy weekend. Some other experiences: -I came home to several piles of vomit full of sticks and twigs. I stated in my walker notes not to let my dog eat things off the street and so I contacted the walker, who said “it is normal for dogs to eat off the street” and that it was not reasonable to ask a walker to restrain a 60 pound dog. Wag took 2 days to respond to my request to change the walker. -A walker fed my dog four bags of treats in two days. I’m not sure if she used them for my dog or took some but when I reached out to her and asked her to use less she stated that “well it’s dumb for you to provide treats if you don’t want me to use them.” When I tried contacting Wag to schedule me another walker, it took them three days to respond. -I called a walker and 10 minutes after he stated the walk had begun, I walked into my apartment to see him sitting on the couch on his phone. When I asked why he was sitting on the couch, he stated he was looking up how to put on the harness. The harness was still hanging next to the door, untouched and my dog was not even in the room.

Left to wait

I ordered a wag walk for my dogs today and so far I’ve been waiting over three times the estimated time to get the walk scheduled. When I tried to call customer service about the issue they were absolutely no help. They cannot see how many walker are in my area, when my walk will be filled, or even if the request will be filled. This is the worst customer service available when requesting a service. If you have an estimated time frame you should stick to it not have your customers be waiting god only know how long to fulfill the request. This is how you lose customers to the competition.

Disappointed with the Service

I applied to walk dogs, as well as made requests for my two dogs to be walked. My biggest issue is if Wag can’t find an available walker, they just don’t walk your dogs, even after reaching out to Customer Service. I am using the service because I physically am not able to walk my dogs in a reasonable time period, and prefer they do not go to the bathroom in the house. I consistently used walkers on a daily basis during “peak” when my shifts were 12+ hours. Multiple times walkers never showed or couldn’t figure out how to open the front door or lock box and just left without walking the dogs (it’s a normal key in the deadbolt and turn sort of door). My one dog is now afraid of men, which didn’t happen before I had them walked through Wag.

App development

You thought of everything! This is an amazing APP. Kudos to your team. Provides complete peace of mind.

Great app for a busy sports family!

Both our kids play competitive sports. And we travel several times during years & this service is great! The walkers are amazing, I love the pictures & videos we get. More reliable than asking Family.

Dog walk-Callie was great!

Callie was so great! She went over immediately and even left him my pug some water and food because I’m driving back long distance! This app is a game changer

The company is the new uber they don’t care

Have no choice but to use them worst customer service of any company they don’t care and don’t get back to you everything is a robot that answers you

These guys abandoned my dog!

I’ve been using Wag religiously for a couple of months. I love the app and I really love the walkers. Everything was going great until a day when they didn’t have enough walkers. Instead of telling me they didn’t have enough walkers, they simply texted me to say that they were taking longer than usual. Fast forward to 2 hours after my requested time and they tel me they have been unable to find a walker and are therefore dropping my request. “Sorry for the inconvenience “ if they told me earlier , I could’ve made other arrangements. Instead they just bailed on my dog who spent the entire day without a bathroom break because they didn’t show up. They wouldn’t let me speak with a supervisor when I asked. I could not be more disappointed in how this was handled. I’ve been a pretty loyal customer since I discovered this app but must advise anyone against using this service that sees your dog as an inconvenience they can skip instead of the treasure that he is.

App easy to book walks, worst customer service

Wag is a great idea for someone who looking for a dog walker. Unfortunately, most of my schedule walks have been late. All the dog walkers have been late. It’s so hard to get in touch with customer service by phone call and text. Customer service needs to improve!


I used this service for several months. The walkers were wonderful. The customer service is TERRIBLE!! I finally deactivated my account for that reason. I have tried for weeks to deactivate my account and get a refund with no luck. I would NOT recommend this service to anyone. If I could give 0 stars I would. Find another dog walking service. This one is horrible

Very very bad customer service

Signed up for the service. Looking for daily walks for my dog. Took them up on their offer for Meet and Greet with walker. And then, silence. No follow up emails. App won’t tel you the status. Then I responded to their text message for customer service. The person on the other end said they would help out and asked for more details and said they would follow up with me. That was 4 days ago and i haven’t heard back. I’ve since texted that same address on 2 other days, but get no response. I finally got fed up and emailed their founder Jason (just replied to his initial Welcome email), assuming that at a small company like this their founders definitely will respond to user inquiries (especially when they are unhappy). Can you guess the outcome? No response. I literally want to give this company my business but they are silently ignoring me. Don’t know if I would trust this company with my best friend.

False Advertising (Be aware)

I already reached to customer service before writing this review and this will be sent to BBB. The app has a clear message of rewarding new customer with a Whistle GPS after 5 recurrent walks. I already bought 14 walks and didn’t receive anything - CS said that only after completing 3 weeks (which is not advertised) I’d get the reward. This is unethical. I could do one more walk to get it and make things easier but I won’t be a customer of a company that uses BAD practices to lure customers on using their service. Use other companies that respect their customers. I’m disappointed with WAG!

5 stars

Very user friendly

Worst customer support I’ve encountered in quite some time

App is fairly good. Walkers are generally nice and responsible although most are not as experienced as Wag pretends. But if you have an issue with a walk or walker — in my case an altercation with another dog — don’t think you’ll get ANY support from Wag. They don’t answer the phone as they have no real phone support staff. They rarely if ever return the message they require you to leave. And then whoever does call back is useless. “Um that has to be handled by the... what do you call it... um... upper management.” Literally. That’s all I got from whatever idiot called me back. And then the ONE person who I guess qualifies as... um... what do you call it. Oh, “upper management” calls at his convenience and give you no way to reach him when you have time to speak. Or he leaves a message they he’ll be out of he office for days. My walker even said that when he called the “emergency” number — you know, in the midst of the EMERGENCY between my dog and another’s — he had to wait over 10 minutes for a call back. I’ve also yet to see any evidence that they’re truly “insured and bonded” so I’d take no comfort from that claim. Just another case of a Silicon Valley company that only cares about the bottom line.

Poor Communication and User Experience

September 11, 2018, was a complete and utter failure on Wag!'s part. I booked a walk at about 12:45 for a 2:00 PM walk. I was assigned to Walker 1 at about 12:55 PM. Sometime around 1:45 PM I get a notification that Walker 1 is on the way. At 2:02 PM I get a call from my gate call box and I remotely unlock the gate from my phone. From 2:02 PM onward I get no notification that the walk has begun. At 2:30 PM I finally text Wag!'s support line to find out what happened with the walk and why it had not begun. At that same time I get a text notification from Wag! saying "We noticed that your 2:00PM walk has not started yet and have been unable to get in touch with your walker. To ensure that [your dog] gets a walk, we are looking for an immediate backup walker. We apologize for any inconvenience that this has cause." At this point I am now concerned that Walker 1 has arrived to my apartment and I do not know of the whereabouts of my dog. I was unable to reach Walker 1 nor was I able to reach anyone at Wag! to determine the status of the walk or the walker who now has access to my apartment and dog. At 2:33 PM I get a text notification that a new walker has been assigned for a walk beginning at 3:03 PM. Again, no communication from Wag! or anyone about what happened to Walker 1, who had apparently showed up for the walk and entered my building. At this point I considered calling law enforcement, because I do not know what is happening either in my apartment or to my dog, and no one is picking up their customer service line. At 3:00 PM I am able to contact Walker 2 and he confirms that my dog is in my apartment. During the walk with Walker 2, the application did not provide updates regarding the walk details. At 3:48 PM I get a text message notifying me that the walk is complete and a photo of my dog covered in mud. In the walk report card Walker 2 notes "[h]e got a little dirty there on his hind legs but I cleaned him up after we got back to the apartment." Still, no word from Wag! regarding my earlier communications. I get home and my dog's leash and harness were saturated with dirt to the point where they were unusable. Still, no followup or communication from Wag! All I needed was this one experience to know that Wag! will never facilitate a dog walk for me again. Who knows Walker 1 could have done and the fact that he was unreachable by Wag! and myself is beyond concerning. There was no way for me to contact anyone live during a situation I began to treat as an emergency. For over an hour I had no way of knowing what was going on with my dog. The application and web platform itself are also in need of a major update. They are glitchy and outdated and seems to still be in beta form.

Great app

The app is easy to navigate and alerts/updates work well too

What happened?

I downloaded and installed the app to my iPhone 6s and proceeded to sign up(as I want to be a dog walker). It asks me my dog’s name, etc. I don’t have a dog! I wanted to apply for dog walker but there is no option on the app to do that.

A life saver!

Tried wag out for the first time tonight and it was a life saver. I just had surgery today and am on a lot of medication and was not able to take my dog out as we live on the second floor and he pulls when on a leash.i has a walker come in 30 minutes and took him for a nice long walk. Now him and I are both happy campers. I will definitely continue to use wag!

This is awesome!!!

The walker i got Jason was awesome! My dogs didn’t get scared by him at all he made sure they were comfortable before hooking them up to walk. The dogs loved it! I was cracking up with the videos he was sending! What a great app

Wag it’s amazing

Wag it’s amazing

TERRIBLE Service. Do not use! (Use Rover instead!)

Wag has the worst, most unreliable service I’ve ever experienced from a dog walking g app. 1. There’s no way to get in touch with their team in case of emergency. 2. Their app experience is horrible. Think you have a walk booked? Think again! 3. We booked a date and immediately cancelled because we had forgotten to use the coupon code we received from them for having missed a walk we were previously scheduled for. When we hit the cancel button (intending to book again immediately) we received a notification that we were being charged a $10 cancellation fee. But no walker had even been booked yet — the request was still pending. Finally talked to customer service, and they refused to reverse the charge, even though it was a flaw in their app’s UX. Bottom line, do NOT use this service. It’s more expensive than Rover, and the service is far inferior. If you care about your pet, look elsewhere!


i got a free walk and walker was a professional lady

Great App and great service

So easy to use, love that I know when walker is there, and when my pup did her business! This is a great idea and I love it.

Love it

Love it!!

Horrible App design and even worse customer service

Hard to get in touch with walkers. Always messed up our schedule even though we had a reoccurring walk for almost 8 months at the same time everyday. Would take hours to find one-time scheduled and on demand walks. Customer Service never responded when we had problems with scheduling or a walker. The most recent example was when a walker never showed up. It said her number was no longer available. We waited two hours for a walk to be rescheduled. We just ended up using rover and they responded immediately. During the wait, we texted, emailed and called customer service. We were on hold for an hour. Once we decided we were done with Wag, we asked customer service to cancel all of our reoccurring walks. It’s been 3 days and they have been cancelled so we have to individually cancel each walk. While we were cancelling MONTHS of reoccurring walks, we kept telling the app that we cancelled because of a bad experience and to give us a call. We probably did this for 20 of the cancellations and no one ever called. I would not recommend this app to anyone. The customer service is never helpful. Often the first person we talk to has no idea what they are doing and then we have to wait to get transferred to someone else. We are now using rover. The customer service doesn’t seem to care. They don’t care about the walker, the owners or the dogs.

Excellent Dog walking service

I was impressed with Olga. My shepherd and Pomapoo took to her immediately. Olga was professionally and kind to me and my dogs.


I scheduled a walk at 9pm. The person never showed up. It is now 10:54pm and I finally receive a text saying they could not find a walker. Luckily I could make other arrangements. If I could not have, my dog would be screwed and so would my rugs. I had a confirmed appointment with a walker but this still occurred. The customer service is terrible. I texted and called, not getting any response. DO NOT EVEN TRY THIS APP

Great service

Sometimes I just can’t walk my dog due to health reasons. Excellent option. Our walker was very nice, prepared and my dog loved her.

Unreliable service!

I expect my dog to be taken out around the scheduled time and not hours late! I’ve had multiple problems with this service (no shows, being double charged) and the customer service is terrible. I can’t let it slide when it comes to my dogs well being.

Wonderful service!

Wonderful service . Prompt and responsive customer service team. Thank you!


I have been using wag for about 6 months. I had recurring walks set up, I have spent a ton of money using wag. After many issues I decided for what I’m spending to use then it wasn’t worth it. I dealt with people who were scheduled not showing up, people showing up when walks were scheduled, they would send two people when I only had one walk scheduled and charged me twice when the second one wasn’t performed due to me telling the walker a walk was already performed, they also charged me for walks on days when walks weren’t scheduled or completed. I have called 5 times to cancel my recurring walks each time I’m told they are cancelled I won’t have any other issues but I continue to get messages that someone is on their way and someone actually showed up to walk my dogs. Save your self the headache and DO NOT USE WAG!

App is good, service is not

First time I’ve used their services and already deleted the app. I scheduled a walker to come for my pups and not only was he over an hour late, but the app was showing me he was walking my dogs already. They obviously had no clue that I had a doggy cam. When I finally contacted them, that’s when customer service told me he had trouble getting in. They have my contact information, but no one even attempted to call. The rep kept coming up with different excuses and i finally hung up on him. My sister had to drive to my house, 30min away, because i was nowhere near my home - hence my need for a walker. Don’t recommend them one bit.

Dog had emergency vet visit after my walk

After my walk was completed I came home hours later after work to my house covered in vomit and my dog laying on couch It breathing well. He didn’t get up to greet me like normal. I had to rush him to emergency room which cost me $500 it’s now going on a month of trying to get reimbursed for this expense. They were quick to get a docusign sent to me to not be liable for anything more but now the rep handling account won’t return emails or phone calls. If you love your pet like a family member be very cautious of using this. Hire a local company


So far, we have had nothing but great experiences! Our pup has loved all the walkers so far and have had no issues!

Customer service

Always great at getting back to you and helping with any issues and dog walkers are always nice and on time.

Worst Customer Service Ever

I’m not exaggerating when I say that this company has the worst customer service of any company I have ever patronized. There were numerous incidents with their walkers, which went unaddressed. Among these issues: 1. Door left unlocked after a walk 2. Three occasions of a dog walker failing to walk our dog for the specified time period, instead returning much earlier 3. Dog walker sitting down and holding a phone call inside my home for 30 minutes, detailing how he has to pretend to walk the dog to his friend. All caught on the camera system I installed after the first incidents, and provided to Wag (no comment from Wag). When I called to tell Wag about these incidents, they never answered a live phone call or responded to a text in the same day. At one point, I called the emergency line and their automated system literally hung up on me when I selected that it was an emergency. They took over a month to push out my refund after I canceled my service. They never responded to my follow up emails about the refund not being issued, despite an over-the-phone assurance that it would be issued within 3 days. Do not use this service! Use Rover instead. Much better service and cheaper too.

I quit using it

If you’re going to use it, use it for emergencies only. I had a walk scheduled and the walker never showed. I kept getting texts for the following 4 hours that they were trying to find a replacement walker. I got home from work while still getting updates. I couldn’t just cancel the walk, so I had to spend 30 minutes on hold just to cancel it. One of the walkers left my back and front door unlocked. One walker was taking pictures of my dog walking right up to peoples front doors. (Why..?) I came home to a walker cutting a walk 10 minutes short, after showing up late. I specifically wrote that my dog is leash aggressive and not to let her interact with other dogs or people and then had a report from a walker about how my dog interacted with another dog, but she was concerned that my dog tried to get aggressive with him...

Wag rocks!

I absolutely love this app/service. It has made my dog’s life so much better! Worth every penny.

Avoid this service!!

While I have been happy with our walkers for the most part, the customer service and app issues make it not worth it. The app over charged me $810 dollars and it has been a nightmare to get it back. The recently outsourced their call center and now it is all platitudes and I’m sorta when you call with an issue but no help.

Someone call consumer affairs

Let this review be a warning to you. I used this app with little problems the first few months. Then, upon seeing a promotion for prebooking walks, I decided to try that option. To my dismay, I quickly found out you can NOT cancel a walk without calling the company. Okay, considering the platform they offer I found this a very irritating approach, so I asked to have all future scheduled walks canceled. I was assured by a phone rep for the company as well as in text, twice, that those walks were canceled. Two and half weeks later I still have nearly six weeks of upcoming walks scheduled. To add insult to injury they customer service is now completely ignoring me. That's right, not responding to emails or texts. I have sent three new texts requests and called three times in the past two days. I now have to call my bank and find out how to block wag from charging me. This is ABSOLUTELY unacceptable. Do NOT use this service!!!!!!!

Great app

This is so helpful for me. I love how they can help last minute. All the messages to tell you how your little one is great. Love this.


This app is so amazing! It has saved us when we were in desperate need of walking our dog and not able to make it home. We work out of town sometimes and at times our time schedules don’t always pan out. All we have to do is open up our app and viola! Awesomeness! Thank you Waggy Wagmeister!

5 stars

This app is awesome! There’s days where I go from work to school and don’t have time to stop home and give my pup a walk. I have full trust in the walkers and they’ve been great with accommodating my dogs needs!

Johnny was great

Best service and always on time

Terrible app and untrained walkers

Have used Wag on and off for a year. Annoyed at myself that I keep thinking it will get better! - walkers don’t know basic equipment. They also screw up my dogs gear (gentle lead right now). I know as of 6 mo ago walkers had to take a quiz on equipment but clearly something isn’t clicking - app is terrible - hasn’t been updated ever, in my time as a user - no web parity - can’t email support, can only call or text - support conversations aren’t tracked at all so u end up repeating the same thing over and over - u can do so little in the app you end up calling support and then are on hold

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