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Wag! Is awful

This app is terrible. Their business plan is fundamentally flawed. They scheduled a time without having a dog-walker in place. I tried using the customer support feature by phone. I hear a lot about this app being summarized as uber for dog walking. Imagine if you ordered an Uber three and half hours ahead a time because you’re in desperate need a ride, then no one shows up. Now you try to call someone to get info as to why they never showed up, and after an hour and a half on the phone (over an hour of which I was on hold) they say “sorry” and give you a $10 credit (only after I asked for one!). What a joke! I’d be placed on hold again and again cause their “team members” are inadequate at making decisions. When I explained to them that they had scheduled a time and no one showed up, they were unapologetic in their tone. I was also told there are only 20 dog walkers for the entire city a Boston. That has to be a lie. As I mentioned before, when I asked for a credit, they offered $10... that doesn’t even cover the cost of me spending an hour and a half on the phone. If they had walked my dog for an hour and a half, they would’ve wanted $60. I will say the first time I used it, I had a walker by the name of Jorge. He was a professional! Other than that - Horrible!

Wag app- love it

This is one of the best dog- walking service experiences I’ve had. The app is intuitive and easy to use. Walks are scheduled quickly and response time is amazingly fast.

terrible customer service

Have had walkers bail last minute even thkugh they accepted the walk 24 hours prior. Also had one walker pretend to walk him to get paid but actually didn’t even take my dog out. Also bad sone good walkers, but overall really sad about how terrible the customer service is. They never help resolve issues

Love Working For Wag!

I’ve been a wag! Walker for a year now and I love the job. Sure the app can get glitchy but when you’re on it everyday, you learn how to deal with it. I love making my own schedule and meeting new dogs (or cats!) everyday. I do about 4-8 walks a day easily, many complain of Wag! Taking the 40% but hey it still pays me about $500/week🤷🏼‍♀️ makes me sad to see all the bad reviews on here, I’d rather work with Wag! rather than going back to retail or food services


This app is easy to use and amazing. WAG is a great company. They send you a free lock box, your dog’s walk is gps tracked and their customer is on point! Highly recommend.

Mary Herrington

She was great

Creepy dog walker

Okay, part of this is my own fault because I forgot the dog walker was coming. But the person who showed up did not look in any way professional or even safe to open the door for. This person looked like a junkie. I didn’t even hear them knock. I found out they were here when my dog started barking hysterically and then I saw someone wandering around just outside my window trying to look in my apartment. I don’t live in the best neighborhood to be doing something like that. They should’ve gotten back in their vehicle and called me. They ought to have an official wag shirt and hat on plus a jacket when it is cold. I didn’t even get through the free trial and I don’t want to try again. Very creepy experience.

Wag is great!

I had an amazing walker and an amazing overnight sitter! Its great to find responsible reliable people to care for your dog. Very satisfied!

Not in my area

I live in Iowa and Iowa has a lot of small towns and they don’t have them in most of them.

Wag is great!

I was a little hesitant to use Wag at first, but it has been a fantastic experience! All the dog walkers we have used have been great. Wag has been so helpful to our family and I would recommend this service to anyone!!

How to became a wag person

The app is good and all but I’m trying to figure out how to make a schedule so I can walk with the dogs I am fully experience with dogs

Terrible experience, customer service silent

I booked a Wag walk this evening, and the first walker didn’t show up. Once 30 minutes went by with no walker showing up, Wag texted me saying that they assigned me a new walker, who was also late (therefore my walk started more than an hour after it needed to). The new walker only walked my dog for 24 minutes when I paid for 30, which I discovered by looking at my security app, but the walker kept the clock running until it was at 30 minutes. And the worst part: I’ve been texting and calling and I can’t get ahold of anyone from the Wag team. It’s been 2 hours since trying to get ahold of support and no one has responded to me or called me back. The concept of Wag is great, and I have had good experiences with them, but this experience was so frustrating. I will not use this service again, and I won’t recommend it to any dog owner.

The best

The best Do not avoid downloading this, game it’s an excellent movie.

Happy dog, happy dog owner!

This has been so much fun for all of us. Charlotte is enjoying her walks so much and our dog walker is so pleasant and good with her! I’m so glad we found this service.

Love it!

Wag! Has saved me and my pups so many times when I have long work days. Easy to use, the walkers are awesome and I have total peace of mind when they come get Ziggy and Rambo. Highly recommend it for anyone with dogs who need that extra midday break while you’re at work!

Best for those busy parents with fur babies!

I use this app because of my hectic schedule and my inability to be at home during the day! They do a great job of walking the dog and keeping you updated so there’s never any guess work on what’s happening with your precious animal. The photos and videos help ease owner’s fears and make the process fun and inviting! So glad I found this app. Although I try to walk him every day, there are some days I know I’m just going to be too tired. This is PERFECT for moments like that as well! Use it! You won’t regret it it! It’s a pawsitively AWESOME app.

First Timer

Wag is THE BEST! Used them in a clinch, was nervous, but my Walker “Jessie” was AWESOME! I was able to contact her before the first walk to give her a couple tips, she was very nice, and based on her profile I was excited and pleased! By the way customer service was VERY ATTENTIVE, and answered all of my questions being a new user of their services!! Thank you Wag! See you soon!!


The app was great in the beginning, but now after my 3rd try. I schedule a walk and they never can find someone to walk my poor dog. I didn’t get notified so he went all day holding it. Will be using Rover from here on out. Bye Wag you have lost me forever.

Easy to use app

The app is easy to use, and they post pictures, and brief videos of your dog after the walk. My dog has only had one walk so far and it went well.


They have amazing friends people

Don’t use this service ever.

My dog was lost after the walker did not clip the leash to the collar properly. Instead of trying to find the dog she simply walked back to my house stating that she thought he might “walk himself home”. I was working and got home as fast as I could and she was literally not trying to find my dog but sitting on the stoop. She stated that she didn’t use the harness nor chase after/ try to lure my dog in. I live in a very busy area of south Boston so the fact that she said the dog would walk home is truely unreal. Wag was no help saying they would put up signs if I didn’t find him. They never checked back in with me once I said the dog was found as I spent hours by myself looking. They immediately blocked me from seeing the walkers info and i was not even able to try and see where she may have lost him. The worst customer service i have ever seen. After speaking with many other dog moms at the park they have heard nothing but horror stories of people’s dogs getting lost hit, etc. The problem is the idiot walkers that simply pass an online test who are looking for a quick buck and clearly don’t care about the animals. The fact wag was not even sorry but stated i leave the walkers bag at another location so we didn’t have to meet face to face spoke volumes. Never use this as it may seem convenient but there is no accountability.

Sick of Brand New Walkers

Decent service usually. You can’t book a new walk until you’ve rated the previous one which is a pain is the bum. I’d like to see a preference where I can not have brand new walkers taking out my dog. They don’t read instructions usually and they have shown up with kids and boyfriends. I wouldn’t know this if I didn't happen to be home. Only the walker is insured and bonded. These people are going into my home. I want them watching my dog not their children. The regular walkers are good and normal.

Lack of flexibility not good

I need a walker for 2 out of my 3 dogs whilst I’m away on holiday. I added all 3 of my dogs in case I want the third one walked at a later point. But because he was already on my profile, I had to select a walk for all 3 of them at a ‘starting’ price point. There is no clear indication of cost (likely until you’ve put your card details in but I never got that far). Both dogs I want walking have specific requirements that will need to be managed separately. Before I can even see if this is possible & I can find someone for the jobs, I’m asked to put my card details in. I’m sure this app is great if you have straightforward needs but with no clear indication if I can customise my options BEFORE taking my card details, this app is not for me.


Wag is a great way to meet new people and doggies! I work for wag and use wag for my own personal dogs! It’s awesome.

Mixed Reviews

While the actual walk service itself is great, every other aspect is horrible. It took me about 6 weeks and numerous texts to get the free lock box. Then the service allows walkers to cancel their service right up until the scheduled walk. Dealing with the support is horrible too. But being able to see your walker has arrived and track your dogs walk is great. They also bombard you with text messages. It’s like email spam but via text. If they can figure out their scheduling glitches and stop treating texts to owners as sales opportunities then it will be a great service.


Today was my first day in using the app the walker and the app will both great I won’t use it again with my eyes close. Clarence was my dog walker and he was so good from beginning to end thank you.

Impossible to cancel!

WAG is a great service, but they make it nearly impossible to cancel recurring walks. If you need to cancel a recurrence, a phone call is required for the first walk and supposedly they will call back to cancel the remaining walks. Complete horse crap

Zero support for walkers

I’ve been walking dogs on Wag for two years and I have never had a good experience with their walker support - if you can call it that. It makes it very frustrating because the walker is often blamed and taken advantage of when Wag should be responsible and actually take care of their employees. Would not recommend to anyone wanting to be a walker. There are much better options out there.


What a horrible horrible company. I tried to book recurring walks with this company and the whole experience was a total joke. The recurring walkers kept bailing on appointments, one walker I met didn't know how to put a dog harness on, our first recurring walker was a teenager who never owned a dog and was terrified of my 9lb terrier mix...and when I asked to cancel the recurring walks I was told that the “recurring walk specialist” would do so and this mysterious person never did it!! So I had a walker headed to my apartment when my dog was not even there. Every time I made a call or request I was told “of course no problem right away” and then they never did ANY of the things they said they would do. This is the most negligent terribly run company I have ever come across. DO NOT USE.

My dog loves these walks

Walkers keep you informed on what’s going on in real time! And take great pics of your dog while they’re having fun.

It’s okay, I guess

I wasn’t sure where else to leave this feedback. The app seems good but it’s a little lacking in the FAQ and ‘contact us’ content. Specifically I was looking for ways to do a meet & greet before letting a stranger into my house when I’m not there but as best as I could figure out on my own I guess that’s only available for scheduled recurring walks? I wanted to ‘contact us’ but it gives me an option for phone or text with the disclaimer that contacting them is only for urgent issues so otherwise don’t waste their time. Don’t worry, I certainly won’t be using this service that doesn’t seem to want to engage with its customers. Too bad, I liked the concept in general, execution could be better.

Never actually worked

I gave this app three chances and that on-demand feature is a complete false advertisement. It never worked, they never found someone and my dog ended up doing it at home. I used Rover instead and got someone in a matter of minutes. Never using this junk again.


Thanks for providing an outlet to get some side money and work with dogs alike. I can’t think of a better job for some side money that this! I aspire to start an app of my own for my very own petsitting company, Hands N Paws. Thanks for your inspiration!

Great service

1st Wag Walk with Janet. She is nice and friendly. Chance And Duncan like Janet.

Awful and slow customer service

I have NEVER EVER had a good experience with Wag. After the first walk, my dog’s crate was broken and back door left unlocked when the walker was finished. In 5 attempts after that I have not been able to acquire a successful walk. I have had walkers cancel day of, and no replacements were ever found. When communicating with the customer support team about the safety of my dog and unwarranted cancellation fees, they take their time and do not solve problems appropriately. Please do not use this app.

awesome WAGS!

the walkers that are chosen for me are always great! my dog is really attached to me but being able to schedule a walk ahead of time esp being that I’ve been sick lately is really helpful..thanks for the WAGsome app!

Terrible experience

I paid $39 for day boarding for my dog who had a recent hip surgery. I contacted the person that I would be home early and told me he wouldn’t be home for at least 2 hours. I wonder how long he left my dog alone. He told me that he’s not going to stay home with a dog for the $26 Wag gives him.

Best dog app by far

This app is so much more convenient to use than the others I have tried. It takes no time to find a dog walker and the people all have been good.

Not Reliable

It’s great until they can’t find a walker and don’t notify you, so no one ever shows up and your poor dog isn’t walked all day. Customer service is unapologetic and useless.


Becky was the walker for the free walk and Gracie likes Becky so I would like Becky on Sunday and thereafter.

Terrible User Experience

Poorly thought out/money hungry. $10 cancellation fee. You can create recurring walks in app but can’t cancel them in app. Customer support isn’t helpful. Avoid if you have a schedule that changes

Consistent trouble maintaining communication

The concept is brilliant. My dog has never been happier. Unfortunately the app which is made to communicate to you when your dog is getting walked and when they return is hopelessly flawed. For two weeks now I arranged for a walker then never got confirmation that the walk actually happened. Having to cancel plans and appointments to get home to the dog just in case has left me extremely frustrated. Wag’s response of “sorry for the inconvenience” doesn’t give me faith I can leave my dog in their care in the future.

Good service, awful app

The concept of Wag is good, the app that tries to execute that concept is a catastrophe. The app is probably fine for simple transactions like walks, but I would not use Wag for boarding again because the app makes it almost impossible to communicate between walker and pet owner (the cell phone numbers are masked and sometimes contact info for the walker isn’t available at all) and adjust the details of the boarding accordingly. Whether this is for privacy reasons or because they want you to use Wag as a third-party to facilitate the transaction, I don’t know. The app is simply not sophisticated enough to deal with the amount of nuance inherent in pet care. If what you need is extremely straightforward, Wag might be great. If it is anything more complicated, the Wag app is far more trouble than it is worth.

Crappy customer service, glitchy app

Removed my recurring walks discount promo code (no explanation on why it was no longer being applied), glitchy tracking, contact page gives useless info (phone numbers that only redirect you to other departments). Often I sit through a long queue, only for the operator to tell me “Actually you need to email X department at ____”. Seriously, why can’t this info just be shared directly on the contact page? They also ignore emails + texts. The only reason I still use it is because the dog walker I’ve scheduled walks with is very reliable. Otherwise, Wag, I wouldn’t even think of using you anymore. Also this review was originally going to be sent privately via the app itself, but the feedback page keyboard was blocking the submit button and would not go away unless you hit “back” (which of course, doesn’t send the feedback). Great way to avoid negative comments! But fear not, I have posted it publicly instead.


I’m booking another walk for both of them on this coming Saturday after 5 pm I left you several messages on different phone numbers we are very happy with your services. GOD bless you beautiful idea this is Rosie by the way thnx

Loved it the first few times....then.....

This is absolutely insane. I have been requesting a walk since 4:30pm (it is now 8pm) and have spent the last three hours playing phone tag with your customer service. As far as I know, this is not at all how you intended this service to be run. I am highly disappointed after a few really wonderful experiences - but unfortunately once you lose your trust in a service such as this, it is gone for good.

Huge help

We recently got a puppy who when full grown will be approx 65 lbs. Needless to say large breeds need lots of exercise. We were prepared for the extra work but not prepared when my spouse who worked from home took another job requiring extensive travel. We were contemplating re-homing our Dolce Rosie. Then we found WAG. Cannot say how much WAG has helped us. Huge stress reliever. Yes it adds up but the money spent is worth our happiness.

Wags is a life savo

Being in real estate I never know my schedule bit with Wags I can always be sure my dogs are taking care of. The app is so easy to use and booking a walk is a click away!!! This is a MUST if you have a furry pet (or 3 like me)

Bad service

I got Kassandra as my dog walker but she never came and I tryed to go outside to find her but never saw her do I ended up canceling my booking

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