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So convenient!

Wag is a really great service for busy pet parents. I love how they offer different walk durations, and even overnight services. Being able to have preferred walkers is nice because than my dogs can get used to a few people. Use this code DESIREE50238 for $50 in credits when you sign up!

Wonderful until property goes missing

I absolutely loved this company until nearly 1,000 worth of property ended up missing from my doorstep after one of their walkers took my dog for a walk. The company not only failed to follow up with me along with my request for information, but they quit responding to me altogether. Proceed with caution.

Great app!

I have been using wag for a couple of months now and I love it. It’s so nice to be able to trust someone to come walk my dog in the middle of the day.

WOW it really is great!

Wasn’t sure about handing over my pup to a stranger at first but every single walker has been truly amazing! I work long hours but everyone here has been great!

Perfect app for busy dog parents

I absolutely love wag. As a young professional I often get stuck working long hours, but I can use wag to make sure my dog is still getting some exercise and love during the day. The walkers are fabulous! The updates give me peace of mind about my sweet fur baby too. Highly recommend this service to all pet parents!

LifeSaver for single dog owners!

My cane Corso mastiff mix was a gift from a now ex boyfriend. Let me tell you I was not expecting to raise my Lexi alone. She is my first dog and after I dumped the dead beat, wag seriously helped me with Lexi. I live alone, so don’t have anyone at the house for help with Lexi and wag has been a godsend! I found the most amazing, caring walkers on wag. People who have gone above and beyond for Lexi. They all love her and she loves them. The quality of care has been outstanding. I know there have been a few mishaps out there in regards to wag but honestly accidents can happen to anyone. I’m still comfortable and confidant in continuing to use wag for our walks! Thank you for saving this dog mom Wag!

I Love this app

This app has saved me, a 30min walk is perfect for my puppy it gives her time to pee and poop. I love the fact that they walk the crap out of your puppy.


I’ve had a few great experiences with Wag and was extremely excited about the service until today. While at work, I noticed the walker never showed up. After an hour of no notifications, I repeatedly tried to use the feature to contact the walker, but the feature didn’t work. I called customer service and got a voicemail. I left a message and still haven’t received a call back (8 hrs later). I had to leave work early to go home to walk my dogs. I love the service when it works, but it’s too risky to have to be out on a situation to leave work. Guess I’m back to finding a reliable dog walker outside of this app.

Sitter was a no show and no way to contact Wag

Was going out of town. One of Wag’s “top” sitters never showed up. I looked for a way to contact the sitter (they allude to this feature on Wag’s help section) and I couldn’t find any way to contact the sitter. I called Wag. I stayed on hold long past their estimated wait time and couldn’t get anyone on the phone. I texted them and received no reply. Thank goodness my sister was available to watch my dog or else I would have had to cancel my whole trip! If Wag responds with SPECIFIC instructions on how to contact dog walkers/sitters (not just saying to use the app, but provide instructions on where in the app we can contact sitters/walkers), I am happy to take this review down.

WAGSTERS are the best!!!

When you have a high energy Labsky it's important to schedule enough exercise. I walk Sawyer every day but it isn't enough for this 2 year old. That's where Wag comes in!


I absolutely love this app. The free fanny pack and lock box reeled me in. Then I have absolute trust behind the walkers that have been selected on this app. The picture and video updates as well as the profiles on the walkers make it so reliable.

Your Best Friend Deserves The BEST

As both a walker and occasional user of these services if I needed a walk while I was at work too long. These guys are absolute scam artists and since I'm no longer contracted with them I'm not liable for saying that. From constantly advertising even going as far to direct that stuff on your dog to constant scams that only favor them (not you nor the Walker). To walks that don't get fulfilled and injuries that come to dogs by uneducated walkers- this is NOT worth your time. Seriously, for both the benefit of you, your pooch and your Walker- go to Rover or any other services really... Note: Wag is horrible with its walkers too just as much as they are with dog situations. I used to love wag but then I ran into an issue and they did nothing to help (but they did call back for once...). Even at face value-they charge $20 for a 30 minute walk and take a 40% cut and provide nothing to show for that horrendous pay cut. Do you really want to support that? Your best friend deserves the BEST, not this crap. Find someone you like and just work with them to benefit you both or use an app that actually cares about everyone it serves.

Best dog walking all

You can track the dog and know all about the walk

Continual “Internal Error”

Can’t do anything with the app. Am always getting an Internal Error

Bad customer service

Dog locked in house waited 2 hrs for a call back to find out walker was locked out because app was down and couldn’t get in touch with anyone she waited outside my house for 30 minutes and wasn’t reimbursed DON’T USE

Great service!

I can’t say enough good things about Wag. We have a very lazy 4 year old pug and her weekly report cards crack me up. Everyone has been wonderful to work with, highly recommend.

Great idea, terrible app and customer service

The app requested 90 minute extensions during a 30 minute walk and bought a credit for $90 without my knowledge. I called Customer Service but I didn’t have the time to wait on the line, so I sent them text messages instead. When they finally responded 4 days later, they just sent me a list of FAQ and told me to call Customer Service if it doesn’t resolve my problem. This is such a great idea but I’m reluctant to use them because of bad customer service.

Best Pup App Ever

I love the convenience of this app. My pup is my 3rd child and it allows me to add convenience to my life when he needs to be walked and I cannot get home during meetings to walk him. Very excited about the training that’s coming soon to WAG my 5 month puppy will be trained in no time to sit, stop, and go! Thanks WAG I appreciate all that you offer.

Unresponsive walker

Great app - if you want to spend 2 hours wondering where your dog is, whether she’s been walked, and why the walker is not answering his phone. Wag support also could not reach him. A second walker went in to see if my dog was home. But no idea if 1st walker actually walked her.

Reno Area Issue

I used wag in Colorado and it was 100% perfect 100% of the time. Since relocating, we are only able to get a walker MAYBE 25% of the time. Customer service responses have been automated messages and both my partner and I are stuck with credits, no walks and are now switching to a private walker (which is 60% cheaper). Check walker availability in your area before buying credits and don’t expect customer service to respond. Ever.

Great app!

They really thought through what would make dog owners feel special when using their walking service. The app has lots of neat features built in, including the ability to watch your dog on their walk while it’s happening.

You guys have it all figured out.

App and service is amazing!So great!

Wag has been so helpful

Murphy loves his Wag walks and the Wag app makes it so easy to schedule. Whether scheduled ahead or added last minute our Wag walker is always on time and provides a wonderful service!

Very happy

I love the gps tracking and all the info I’m provided by Wag and the app is very user friendly.

My Dog Enjoys Her Walks

I love walk and my dog but I work long hours are nine times so I don’t have time to walk her sometime so I heard about this weather app Wag and I gave a chance to try it out and see if I like it my dog enjoys walking in and honestly it’s pretty cheap and it’s very very very useful I am a very happy customer

Wag lost my sweet sweet husky :(

Beware!! Careless and negligent in my experience. WAG made me and my wife’s worst nightmares come true and let my dogs loose. First, they didn’t feed my dogs as instructed, but Worse - they unhooked the harnesses to use the collars instead. Smh. Result - of course my 2 huskies off leash no collar no name tags. One came home - the other was found on the freeway. :_( my wife sat sobbing and I couldn’t help but feel like it’s my fault for trusting them...to make things worse, it’s been a month and no reimbursement for the hundreds in vet expenses and attempts to help Nikki recover - so they’ve got us in a real financial bind - I thought the worst thing that could happen is they would rob my house or something - I never thought this. Filled with regret and hating myself for using WAG

Amazing operation great walkers and sitters

I think the title says it all but I have had a great experience using wag. Walkers have been great, customer support is fantastic and the ability to book walks and overnight sitting is amazing. 5 stars all round.

Great Service

Khalil is a nice guy I’d like very much to get him for every visit! Thanks WAG🐕

Awesome walkers

Love all your walkers and their attention to Zoey and my peace of mind

Personable. Flexible. Affordable.

If you love your pet and also have a busy work schedule, then this is the app for you. I love that I can book same-day walks just as easily as I can plan walks days in advance.

Tails a wagging

Love this app and my one and only Walker Kimberlee!!! She is the best and always tired out my fur kids. I’m so thankful I found this app!

iPhone X support?

Awesome service. Any word on iPhone X support though?

My experience

Wag is very organized and reliable. My dogs have been happy with all the walkers except one. I use Wag regularly and and very satisfied

Awesome Service!

This service gives me so much peace knowing that reliable people can walk my dog when I’m unable to. Every walker I’ve had thus far has been awesome! Highly recommend Wag!!!


I have been using WAG for several weeks now, and I could not be happier! I love the report cards, pictures, and videos that the dog walkers send. They offer great deals with credits. You must try this!


I would give 0 stars if I could!!! First of all, good luck contacting someone at Wag support. I've been calling and texting for almost 24 hours. Someone finally called me while I was in an elevator and left a vm and said to call them back, and then, "SURPRISE!" they don't answer the phone the next 50 times you call. MY DOG WALKER NEVER SHOWED UP. I scheduled 12 walks 2 weeks in advance while we are on vacation in Vegas, and the walker decided to get drunk with her husband in the casino and not respond to texts until FOUR IN THE MORNING. She said they got pulled over, and she lost her husband in the casino, and they only have 1 phone. 6 hours late for the walk they still never tried to get the key at the front desk. Things happen with walkers. Understandable? Maybe. The people at Wag not answering 100 phone calls and texts? UNACCEPTABLE. I'm so angry. I'm trying to get a full refund with my bank. USE ROVER!! YOU CAN TALK TO SOMEONE 24 HOURS A DAY!! AND NO I DONT WORK FOR ROVER I'm a loving dog owner who is now irate

Great App., Difficult Customer Service

The app works great and is very helpful, but getting help with customer service is difficult and time consuming. I tried to take advantage of the promotion period of free walks but it didn’t work and charge me anyway. I tried following up with customer service not once but twice, the first time they said they couldn’t help me because the promotions weren’t in their department. So I tried reaching out to the finance group as it says to on the app and they just told me about my payment history - with no solution to the problem (but I did get a smiley face :) ) The onus is definitely on the consumer to catch their mistakes but so far has proven extremely difficult to practically impossible to have them corrected. Moral of the story: don’t expect to receive any advertised promotion from Wag! Regardless I will still use the app.


My dog was so exhausted after the walk. This app rules!


Great App! Easy to use.

Peace of mind

I love this app. I originally downloaded it because I broke my leg and didn’t have anyone to walk my large but friendly Bernese Mountain dog while on bed rest. It was easy to set up and they offer discounted options if you buy in bulk. The app is like an uber for dog walks- I put the request in for what time I want him to be walked each day, choose between a 20 minute, 30 minute or 60 minute walk, and the Wag team sends a trained walker depending on each walker’s availability!! I love that they handle all the scheduling and I never need to worry about a no show!! They also send me a free lock box to put a spare key for the walker to use when I’m out, I’ll be using it when I can walk again!! You can also write long notes about your pup on your profile so that each walker knows your pup well before arriving. I got treats for my walkers cause my dog can be stubborn. During the walk the app tracks where they walk and the walker even marks where they pee/poop! This tracking gives me peace of mind!!! Sometimes you can even extend their walks for a discounted rate!! The walker always takes a picture of brody and writes a review after each walk. I’m able to “prioritize” aka pick which walker I’d like to return! There are also overnight or daycare options. Love love love this app. Thank you Wag team!!!


They make you call them to cancel scheduled walks. Scammy.

If you love your dog, beware.

Really wanted this service to work but they can’t be trusted! On several occasions, I would find out the dog walker would take my dog to the park 5 mins away and let her run off leash (not what I wanted). And finally stopped using the service when I caught my dog in the dog walkers car when she should have been on an extra luxurious long walk. It’s been over a month since I filed a complaint and the company has yet to refund me for my walk.

Worst service

Worst service ever. I used them once and it went well. Next time I went to use them they were 3 hours late. I called and they apologized but then proceeded to cancel the walk stating that my dog does not have all of his walks when he does. Do not depend on them!

Awesome Service!

I was very hesitant at first because I was not sure if I wanted to have my dog walked by a stranger but Wag! made sure that the entire experience was smooth from matching a local walker with my dog to the walk itself. Being able to track and receive real-time updates made a huge difference!


I love this service so much!! I don’t have anyone to take my dogs out while I’m working 12 hour shifts so I just schedule a walk with WAG and I feel less guilty for not being able to take my dogs out! Each walker that I’ve had so far have been great with my dogs and I love that they send pics of the dogs after their walk is done. I also love that I am able to track them during the walk as well.

Works only half the time

Some mornings we wait for an hour or two just to have the walk canceled. Other times it’s confirmed and nobody shows up. And when I go to cancel the request and the tech support is unavailable. They really need to get their stuff together.

Love wag!

This app is by far the best dog walking app out there! Love it! Thanks wag :)

Awesome app

As they say: pawesome app. It’s so easy use the app that is hard not to want to book a walk. Walkers are reliable, friendly and some se very knowledgeable. My puppy always comes back happy and less hyper.

Thumb down

Customer service is not responding at all. Poor communication

About time!

I LOVE this app!!! There are times I’m working until late or traveling and WAG always comes through for my little dog!! Such a life saver! Best app EVER!!! All the dog walkers have been great and thorough!

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