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Wag is convenient, but understand the risks and know that you won’t get any customer support. We had a walker turn their phone off upon arriving at our place, let our dog out to defecate and run wild inside and leave for 45 minutes unaccounted for. She tried to steal a walk fee from us and who knows, maybe she went to copy our keys? Called customer support, they offered us a refund and said they would look into the walker, nothing more. No concern for our trouble. They only start to care when it becomes a story and they need to save face and protect the brand.

Poor Customer Service

The actual app works great, but when you try and get a hold of customer support it’s IMPOSSIBLE!!!

Busy Dog Always



I was assigned a walker, left for work as a flight attendant...when I landed I had text messages saying they had trouble finding me a walker and then cancelled my request. My dog was left for 10 hrs without a walk! How can you be a service if you can’t find one walker on a Friday afternoon nor have emergency back up if your employees fail you? My opinion....NOT A TRUSTED COMPANY

Wag’s to the Rescue!!

Great Service! The walkers I’ve met have all been so nice and real ‘dog people’. It was easy to let my Weezey go out with each one.

Worst customer service

I've been with wag consistently for 2+ years and I'm leaving and here's why: I've had some great walkers but the majority of them are super young, not trained and not serious about the work. I spent thousands of dollars training my dog and these young kids come out and let her do whatever on the walks. All that training out the window. And GOOD LUCK if you need help with customer service. It's outsourced to another country and nobody understands what the hell you need. I wish I could post screenshots of the ridiculous conversations I've had with these people. I rarely rate and review companies but this one had such high potential and has sadly, dropped the ball time and time again. Stay away!!!

Not a chance in hell

This company seems like a mess. I don’t like that I cannot see a profile for the walker it chooses for me. I know nothing about some stranger that they assign to have a key to my house and come walk my dog? Not cool. When you sign up they immediately send you like 5 robo-texts, all from the same number but each text is from a different person. I really don’t understand how their business functions. So many reviews coming out from mistreated walkers and about how terrible their customer service is. I’m not going to take a chance with this company.

Can I trust Wag?

Try Rover first. We’ve had terrible luck with our first two bookings. The first couldn’t come and insisted we cancel so their score would not be affected and the second walked the dogs for 12min then left but kept the timer going (the basic walk is 30min). This shows up on the map inside the Wag app. Customer support is a joke. Calls aren’t returned and text messages are the only written communication method. I’m not sure what would happen if there were an emergency while walking dogs. The free lockbox is a great idea but after all of this trouble I don’t know if I trust the security of the app storing the key code.

Terrible APP & Customer service for dog walkers

I’m a dog walker and the app and customer service is TERRIBLE. I asked a representative to send a message to their supervisor that they need to hire more customer service reps and he didn’t understand me... it seems like he was from a different country and he said he would leave a note but I don’t think he did. It’s unacceptable that you have to wait so long for emergency issues or any issue at that. Very inconvenient for dog owner and walker. Will someone from wag app please contact me & let me know if it is even a discussion that you are hiring more customer service reps??? Because the person I talked to said he had no information on that. I would like to talk to a supervisor on why long hold times is STILL an issue after how many years? ...

Great Service bad Customer Service

I think Wag is great. Although when a walker doesn’t show up or if you have any issues at all their customer support is garbage. I’ve had multiple walkers booked for the same visit etc due to customer service issues. The idea of the product is great and I use it when I’m in a pinch for a dog walker. But I prefer rover where you can use someone you know and trust.

Service okay the app is horrible

First of all let me say overall I have been happy with the service though I did have issues with no call no show dog walkers and it was hours late before my dog was taken out! The scheduling interface is horrible! Instead of having a calendar and select days and bookings you have to go threw this maze of selecting days in the week and then you can only book one time for that day! You have to repeat the process for a separate time in the day! Today I somehow ended up with 3 dog walking session! Unless it improves I’ll find a different service!

Hit and Miss

Sometimes you can get a great walker. Sometimes my dog runs and hides after a walk. When I try to get the Wag Team to check out the suspicious walker, they give me the run around and never told me what happened. I’ve tried calling 5 times to find out what happened. They demand you rate and tip before seeing the results.

Service is great but customer service is useless

We've had good experiences with the walkers. So when things are working it's great. However, the app and their text notifications encourage you to contact them by text for customer support. Their support is nonexistent these days (they used to provide helpful support). It can take many hours to get any response, they make mistakes handling very simple requests, and sometimes close tickets without doing anything. My last request was closed at 2am because I didn't respond, but I had nothing to respond to. They hadn't answered my initial request. Then on top of it they sent me a broken link to rate their customer service. Keep that in mind when trusting your pets to them.


Terrible company!!! Miserable to work for, no customer service whatsoever Tried booking a walk for my dog, it’s been 2 hours still no walker Going to delete the app and tell everyone i know to do the same.

Bad model

You don’t get a final say on who will be your sitter, they automatically pick whoever is available

Algorithm is messed up for walkers

When you first start walking, distance is accurate and you receive notifications for the walks closest to you. After about 20 walks the algorithm purposely tells you the incorrect distance and gives you notifications for the walks nobody wants. Super lame.

Going downhill quickly

I NEVER write reviews. This terrible service warrants one. I used to love this app/service. Great concept. Hard to blame the walkers. They are generally reliable, show up on time, and treat my dog well. I think the issue is the company's inability to keep up with demand. Lately, the company is having issues with scheduling walkers or are scheduling walkers without the walkers knowing and thus fail to show. Within a matter of two days, two separate walkers failed to show. Both indicating that the walk was booked by mistake. What's worse is that they charged me for the 'walks' and customer service is unreachable due to high call volumes. Wonder why? Clearly the management of this company is ill-equipped. My advice is to find a local walker who is dependable. This service has turned into garbage. Stay away.

They lose so many dogs.

A ruthless company who lose so many dogs daily it should be illegal. So many dogs have died using this service.

Awesome app.

App is very intuitive, easy to use, anticipates what you need, I also had a good experience with the dog walker.

Awesome app

I really enjoy the peace in mind when I have to work late that there is someone who can take my pup out for a walk.

Poor customer service

I had been using the service for quiet sometime. The service itself is great. However their ability to manage mistakes on behalf of wag is not. The last dog walker (July) I used them for lost my key fob and locked me out of my building in which I had to pay $305. I had to cancel a trip I had planned that weekend in addition to the time driving and frustration as I had to return from my trip to handle the issue. I reported the issue and the service rep ( trustee) called a couple days later and tried to help. They required that I spend time and that I pay it first before they reimburse me. Even though the incident was confirmed by the employee that lost my key . I asked them to communicate with the property manager as I don’t want to waste my time for someone else’s error as they can pay it directly. They didn’t want to. So I followed through their request and provided them proof. Trustee (Erika ) has put together a poor effort in getting this done in a reasonable amount of time. It’s been a lot longer than what anyone would expect for a simple reimbursement that is verifiable with documents I sent. They are waiting to confirm with the property manager ... although they didn’t want to call them in the first place when I asked them immediately after the incident. I’m mostly frustrated at the lack of urgency and empathy on wags behalf. They simply dropped the ball and don’t care. It’s infuriating

Easy to use App

And responsive people behind the App

Gift options!!

I love Wag! However, I’d like the option to gift people walks. My sisters birthday is coming up and giving her walk credits would be an awesome present for her and her dog. Please make this happen!

Better walks than she gets with me!

I only use the app occasionally on days I have to go straight from work to something else. I completely trust the walkers and love that I can see their progress. She gets a nice long walk through the neighborhood and is happy when I come home.

Great service- a suggestion for “preferred walkers”

I highly recommend Wag! As the daughter of a veterinarian, I have fairly high standards for who cares for my beloved dog. I was initially skeptical of an app-based dog walking service, but all of my concerns were quickly resolved and I’ve been very happy with each walker. One comment for the app maker- please consider making it possible for users to see and edit our “preferred walker” list! I am hesitant to add anyone when they do a good job, because it seems like it wipes out your previous preferred walkers and you never see them again. It would be great if there could be a list that users could maintain (add to and delete) of walkers who have done a great job, and also to rank them by preference. I had an exceptional walker in the beginning but haven’t seen her in months because I made the mistake of adding another walker to my preferred list and it automatically seems to assign walks to whomever was added most recently.


The ease of this app is wonderful! I was very pleased how easy and convenient Wag is to use!

So greatful!

Heaven was great!! This was my first time using Wags and couldn’t be happier

Saved on a sick day

The sun was bright and my pup was ready for his Saturday adventure, but I was feeling under the weather. Wag helped ensure my pup got the exercise he deserves, and allowed me to focus on taking care of my health/making chicken noodle soup.

This is A Walker review - SLOW customer service

I’ve been consistently walking dogs through Wag for about 4 months now. In that time I’ve dealt with two urgent cases where I needed customer support to get back to me immediately. In both of those cases, Wag took 24hours or more to reply. For example, owner forgets to leave leashes in a visible spot. The other time the owner didn’t give the correct access code to the lockbox. During both occurrences I was left with no choice but to cancel the walks. Which led both owners to give me 1 star reviews (even though I did all I could). One complained and customer support contacted me immediately. How wonderful. I’m getting tired of their poor support for their Walkers. If you want to be a well rated company then tend to your walkers first so there aren’t any problems with your customers.

These reviews are fake

They deleted my review. Do not use them unless you hate your dog and want them to suffer.


I can’t say enough good things about Wag! It’s really helped me out on days I unexpectedly have to work late. They treat my dog as if she was their own.

Great walkers, But customer service is a joke

Spoke to customer service to cancel recurring walks (you have to call to cancel)....that rep said she could only cancel my next 5 walks and that a “recurring walk specialist” would have to schedule a phone call with me to cancel.

Terrible Experience - You Have No Control

This is my first app-store review - I normally don’t write reviews but had to say something about this poorly organized company. It may be that Wag will work for you if you need quick, one-off walks. Hence, two stars instead of one. In my case, I need a reliable, recurrent midday walker 5 days a week — for this, Rover is much better. My issues with Wag: - The app interface is clunky, and not neatly organized. The Rover app is much better/more intuitive. - You don’t have control over who gets assigned to your pup — much of the assigning and communication is done through the Wag team. Some may prefer the middle man, but I was getting texts from two different numbers from various Wag staff, a mixture of automated and real messages. A hot mess. With Rover, all organizing and communicated is facilitated by YOU and the WALKER. - I have been trying to cancel my walk request and delete my account for two days now. Customer service is terrible. They told me they cancelled my walk request, yet, other numbers are texting me telling me that they’ve assigned new walkers to me. - It is an absolute pain to get your account deleted. Customer service said they would call me back within an hour - HA. Still waiting. It’s like, once you’re in, you’re trapped! A customer/user should have the power to delete their own account without having to play phone tag with customer service. TL;DR: Do yourself a favor, and just use Rover. Wag is a newer company and clearly still has many kinks to work out.

WAG is Awesome!

WAG has been an amazing experience. I got a great dog walker right off the bat and it gives me peace of mind to know that my dog is taken care of in the middle of the day when I can’t get to him. The app is easy to use and it’s so cool that you can see where they walk and they always send a picture at the end.

5 star

My Winston and I love Wag Walk services!


Wag is amazing, affordable, reliable and really eases my mind that my fur babe is well cared for

Good concept, awful customer service

I enjoy the concept and app itself as it is so nice to have someone walk my dog on short notice and have a detailed description about the walker and the walk itself. However, the customer service in my experience has been AWFUL. I have taken advantage of a couple promotions they send via email and every time I activate it, the promotion gets removed from my account. When I explain the situation they are not sympathetic and don’t try and help resolve the issue. I end up having to call multiple times because they don’t follow up like they said and don’t track in their system who I spoke to and what the issue was about, therefore starting completely over. This is beyond frustrating and unappreciated. I will be sticking with Rover moving forward.

I looooove it

I had to use it after a long work day and I couldn’t make it on time to walk my lonely doggie . It was so helpful and safe and fun. The walker contacted me find me dog walk her lock the dooor and send me many happy pictures of my dog ! I totally recommend this app.

Waste of time

This service is a waste of time (and money for your background check). I’ve had zero walks and have had the app for a month. Things rarely even pop up but when they do it gets snatched up before I can request it. Unless you’re in a super dog populated area forget making money this way.

Love it!!!!

App is very high tech and detailed

Love this app!

This is my favorite app ever. So easy to use and I have a favorite walker, Stephanie, who has gotten to know and love my dog. Highly recommend and love the lock box too!

Dangerous Walkers

Was harassed and threatened by a wag walker. Repeatedly complained to customer service, which did not reply.

Life saver

Wag is a life saver! Life happens, traffic, working late or whatever and I love that wag can send a dog lover to go wag my dog when needed. My dog is happy to go outside and saves me the headache and stress!

Oh no

I signed up for the service thinking I was going to be able to choose my dog walker, that’s not the case you simply signed up and they don’t allow you to meet whoever walks your dog. I’m not about to let somebody randomly coming to my house that don’t get to meet. I’ve started getting text that were literally hounding me about making an appointment. I tried constantly to figure out how to cancel my account or at least change my phone number so I wouldn’t get text. There’s no way to do that in the app. What a terrible app. DON’T DO IT!

The absolute worst

I have to preface this review with the comment that the dog walkers I used were great, unfortunately they work for a company that seems to be brain dead! I decided to buy points in an effort to save money (they are extremely expensive) but when I started to have problems with the app I could no longer access the points I tried to get a refund. No such luck. They kept telling me how sorry the were that I was having problems but offered no solutions?! I finally called American Express to have them take care of it. Your much better off finding a regular dog walker that you pay well and trust. This company is pretty awful once you have a problem they are just not available.

What Happened to Wag???

I used to LOVE this service. The customer service was great and their walkers were thorough and treated our pups well. BUT, the last three walks were just awful! The walkers couldn’t follow simple and clear directions, they fed our dogs wrong, didn’t lock our doors and instead of reaching out to me with questions they would just do whatever they ‘thought’ was right. To top it all off WAG has now outsourced their customer service and they couldn’t care any less about my issues or the health and safety of my dogs. Very disappointing!! DO NOT USE THIS APP!

Life saver

I Live with people who can usually watch my dogs for me, but they have to travel one night a week out of state. I use Wag for those occasions. I explain to them that I prefer to have the same walker, because my dogs are special needs. And they were nice enough to oblige. I know when she comes I get a full report and my dogs are happy. She even videotapes their sessions. Which makes me very happy.

Spam spam and more spam

When you sign up, get ready for the spam. They’ll text you spam to start walking your dog and they don’t allow you to stop the spam unless you contact their support team. Oh and how do you do that? VIA TEXT. This app is not great, has almost zero controls for your account actually in the app. Taking away privacy controls from the user is an instant removal for me and I’ll use Rover or a competing app going forward.


Completely sold on this app. Very easy to use and it has everything you could possibly want/need as a dog owner.


I downloaded the app months ago before it was available in my area and I have not opened the app in quite a while. Today I recieved a text message at 12:17am that a walk was automatically scheduled for my two dogs at 12:15am within 30 minutes when I never scheduled anything. I don’t want any of my personal information on this app it was pretty scary to think some stranger was coming to my house in late hours of the night when I never even put in a request. Everything seemed shady. I deactivated my account.

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